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Windows in Kitchener Waterloo

Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but your windows are part of the soul of your home. Sounds cheesy? Maybe, but it’s true! Imagine a home without proper window placement. You’re not going to have optimal light or curb appeal. When you’re constructing a new home in Kitchener Waterloo or renovating an older home, taking proper consideration of your windows is important.

At The Trough Man, we take special care to match up our clients with the perfect windows that will let in the right amount of light in the right places and look great from outside or inside their home.

By nature, light is something that is important to us. With years of local experience, our certified team can help you with all of your window installation and replacement needs!

Choosing Your Dream Windows

The best windows for your home are going to be the right size, fit in with the style of your home (modern, or historic), and most importantly—fit your budget. How can you get all of these features? With The Trough Man on your side it’s easy.

New construction windows and replacement windows alike come in all materials, shapes, sizes, and colours at a wide range of price points.

  • Aluminum frame windows
  • Steel frame windows
  • Wood frame windows
  • Vinyl frame windows

When installing windows, you can get as creative as you like. Are you hoping to outfit your property with storm windows? Or are you looking for a little more aesthetic, with classy and impressive bay windows? The sky is the limit when you work with our dedicated team!

New Construction Windows

There may be a lot of Kitchener Waterloo homeowners out there who are big fans of artificial light, but we all need that Vitamin D that actual sunlight provides—especially in the winter! For new windows, you can always count on our specialists to get it just right.

We work painstakingly to ensure everything is even and level and looks good not only from the front street but on the interior of your home as well. After all, you’re the one who has to live with them every day!

Installing Replacement Windows

Along with installing new windows, the contractors at The Trough Man are skilled in the removal of older windows followed by installing replacement windows. We always take special precautions to make sure the surrounding area is not damaged and when we’re finished you’d have no idea that those old damaged windows were ever there to begin with!

A Brighter Future Today

Light is one of the most important things in any home. Our contractors love brightening up the days of our Kitchener Waterloo clients with flawless window installation, repair, and replacement.

If you are starting a new construction project, renovation, or just have more questions you need answered, don’t hesitate to call! You’ll be connected with one of our knowledgeable team members and we’ll be happy to help, and even book a free no-obligation service estimate!

Premier Windows for Kitchener-Waterloo

As the gateway to the outside world, windows play a very important role in bringing light into your Kitchener or Waterloo home. Not only that but they are also a very important feature when it comes to insulation purposes. So, if you want to make sure that your home retains all the heat it needs while also allowing the right amount of light into it, then you need to enlist the services of a professional team who knows what they’re talking about. Thankfully for you, that is where we at The Trough Man come in.

With a wealth of experience in all aspects of the window installation and repair game, there is no job too big or task too small for our skilled and dedicated team of widow specialists. Our experience and commitment to excellence is second to none and we simply will not be beaten for price, quality or convenience. So, if you want the best windows for your Kitchener or Waterloo home, then you need to call us today and allow us to do what we do best. We promise, you will not be disappointed!

Picking the Perfect Place for Your Window

It’s important to remember that windows are far more than mere openings in the wall. They bring us closer to the outdoors and allow us to connect with nature. If you can imagine walking into a sun-drenched room with an amazing lake or forest view, then you know why we at The Trough Man get so passionate about window placement.

If you are considering the best place to for your home’s windows, then you need to have a very clear idea of what you want your property to look like. By making sure that your home is properly oriented, you can determine where the sunlight falls and how that will look in your home. Ideally, your bedroom should be west-facing so that the early morning sunlight doesn’t wake you and an office space shouldn’t face east to make sure that you’re not working in the dark during the afternoon.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

Having served the communities of Kitchener and Waterloo for many years, we at The Trough Man are proud to be able to provide our residential clients with the highest quality of windows that fill their homes with the best of everything.

Our extensive portfolio includes the installation of windows of all shapes and sizes meaning that we are perfectly placed to handle any project. So, whether you are working on a new-build or are looking to add a new sense of light and perspective to your Kitchener or Waterloo home, then we need to be the first number you call.

When all is said and done, window installation is not something that can be undertaken by an amateur. This is particularly true if the job requires creating a window rather than replacing an existing one. Don’t take risks by doing this difficult job yourself when the professionals are here and available for you to use.